Vacation Eye Care: 8 Things to Know

July 1, 2022
Family of four wearing sunglasses and lying on the sand at the beach.

1. Pack an eye care travel bag

If you plan to wear contact lenses on your vacation, they might require a little more attention. Weather conditions, humidity levels and the temperature can all influence how comfortable your contacts feel. Pack a small bag with cleaning solution, an extra case, artificial tear drops, and moisturizing eye drops. Don’t forget to pack at least one pair of prescription eyeglasses, to give your eyes a break from contacts. 

2. Sunglass Selection is important

Sunglasses should not only be stylish but should also offer protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Make sure the sunglasses you choose block both UVA and UVB rays. If you are a glasses wearer, you can speak with one of our certified Opticians about adding polarized or transition lens options to your next pair of glasses. 

Traveling with kids? Did you know that up to 80% of lifetime UV exposure happens before a person turns 18 so don’t forget sunglasses for them! 

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3. Consider Prescription Goggles

Do your vacation plans involve sand & sun? Consider getting a pair of prescription goggles. Goggles with a good seal can protect your eyes from chlorine and microbes in the water and are an important item to consider as part of your vacation eye care routine.  

4. Bring Your Saline Solution To The Beach

Consider packing a small bottle of saline solution in your beach bag. The flowing waves and gorgeous sand look great from afar but not when a wayward wind blows some into your eye. Having a bottle of saline solution nearby will make flushing out your eyes a quick and easy task. 

5. After Swimming Care

If you wear contacts you should take your contacts out before or immediately after you swim, to keep from potentially getting an infection. Consider using eye drops to help flush out any irritants like salt and chlorine. (Use eye drops only as directed on the packaging.) If your eyes have come in contact with water, be sure to give them a break—this is where your backup glasses will come in handy. 

6. Clean Your Contacts

While on vacation, you may have to clean your contacts more frequently if you have been swimming in the pool or enjoying some time at the beach. Sand and other irritants in the water can be hard on your eyes and can become trapped beneath the surface of your lenses. Rinsing them with a cleaning solution will help keep you comfortable longer. You can choose to soak them in the solution and wear your backup glasses for a bit. 

7. Be Mindful of Air Conditioning

Whether you wear contacts or glasses, air conditioning can dry out your eyes. Dry eyes will feel uncomfortable and irritated. Taking a break from A/C after will help your eyes regain moisture. If that isn’t possible moisturizing eye drops can help your eyes feel hydrated. 

8. Safety First

Remember these tips to make sure you don’t end up bringing an eye infection back home with you: 

  • Don’t use water to rinse your eyes or clean your contacts as it can harbor all kinds of bacteria. 
  • Always use sterilized contact solution to clean and disinfect your contacts. 
  • Always wash your hands before handling your contacts. 
  • Pack extra contact lenses for your trip. 
  • Give your eyes a break by wearing your glasses. 

Simon Eye has locations in Delaware and in West Chester, Pennsylvania and we are here to get you vacation ready. Have a current prescription? Walk into any Simon Eye optical area for suggestions on prescription sunglasses or glasses that will suit your lifestyle.