Eyewear Elevated to Fashion

March 4, 2024

The perception of glasses as a fashion accessory has risen, leading even those without vision issues to wear non-prescription glasses for style purposes. Many fashion-conscious individuals embrace eyewear as part of their overall look, contributing to the popularity of various eyeglass styles. In case you haven’t noticed one of the largest trends in eyewear is personalization! Now more than ever people are gravitating toward glasses that showcase their unique personality. As we begin 2024, we continue to see the resurgence of vintage styles, oversized frames, geometric shapes, transparent frames, and sustainability-focused designs. You decide which is right for you! 

Retro Styles

Vintage-inspired frames from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s are making a comeback in a big way. Check out these “flower child” inspired shades by Kate Spade or the classic Aviator style by Calvin Klein. (Click the photos for more information)

Clear and Gradient Frames:

Frames with transparent or gradient colors are super stylish and provide a modern and minimalist look. We love these options from Elements, Scott Harris, Ray Ban, and Bebe. 



Pop of Color & Fun Design:

When it comes to color and design, we have frames that are as bold or as discreet as you would like. At Simon Eye our options are endless and these frames from Face a Face and Scott Harris are just a sample of our large selection.

Geometric Shapes:

Eyeglasses with unconventional shapes and angles are perfect for standing out from the crowd. Brands like Cinzia, Ray Ban, Tom Ford, and LaFont  have some unique shapes and are on display at Simon Eye. 


Wire Frames:

If you are looking for timeless elegance that is light and comfortable on your face, you can’t go wrong with wire frames. Stop by Simon Eye and ask to see our extensive collection of wire frames from brands like Banana Republic and Ray Ban. 

Shield Sunglasses:

If it’s time to replace your sunglasses, you might be interested in the latest trend of Shield Sunglasses. The roots of shield eyewear trace back to the 1970s and is back in a big way. These sunglasses from Oakley provide maximum protection for a variety of outdoor activities. 

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Other trending items in eye wear include frames that utilize sustainable and eco-Friendly materials and specialty lenses like those that block blue light. Ask your Simon Eye optician for ways to further personalize your next pair of glasses.  

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