May 1, 2022
Woman smiling at the camera and wearing a pair of eye glasses.

Whether you’re new to the glasses or have worn them for years, if you recently got an updated prescription, there will be an adjustment period.  While your brain and eyes are adjusting to your new prescription, you may experience headaches and eye strain. This can take 2-3 days for single vision lenses and 3-5 days for progressive lenses. Simply put, getting used to new glasses can be inconvenient.  

Below, we have listed some steps you can take to get through this challenge—and some signs there could be a problem warranting another visit with your optometrist.  

Is it Normal for My Eyes to Hurt with New Glasses? 

Some eye strain is common when you’re figuring out how to get used to wearing glasses. Your eyes are adjusting to the new lenses—and they may feel tired and a bit sore as they work to get used to the new prescription. This should clear up within a week. 

Is it Normal to Get Headaches with New Glasses? 

New frames can put pressure on your nose and temples, which can lead to a tension headache. Eye strain from new glasses have also been known to cause headaches and nausea. 

Is it Normal for New Glasses to Feel Uncomfortable? 

Even if you’ve worn glasses before, switching the style of your frames, can take an adjustment period as you get used to how they sit on your face. You might find yourself adjusting your glasses without realizing it, you should get used to the sensation within a few days. 

Is It Normal for My Vision to Be Distorted with New Glasses? 

When you’re getting used to wearing glasses for the first time, or even adjusting to a new prescription, it is normal to experience some visual distortion in the beginning. Your brain and eyes have been compensating for poor vision and need time to learn how to process images differently. While this happens, objects may appear out of focus, warped, or bent and you may have issues with depth perception. Once again these issues are temporary and should resolve within a few days. 

Tips for Getting Used to Wearing Glasses 

Gradually Increase How Long You Wear New Glasses 

Start with just an hour or two of wearing glasses per day and work up to wearing them all day. Wear them as much as possible early in the day, when your eyes are fresh, and gradually increase over time. 

Keep Your Glasses Clean 

Dirty lenses can make your vision blurry, create halos around lights and put annoying spots in your vision. Keep your lenses clean by using a soft microfiber cloth and lens spray. Never use a washcloth or paper towel, because they can scratch the lenses. 

Protect Your Glasses 

When you aren’t wearing your new glasses, keep them in a hard case, especially if you carry them around with you. Your optometrist’s office adjusted the frames specifically for your face, with the center of focus where your pupil is located. If your frames are misaligned, then your vision will be too. 

When Should You Contact Your Optometrist? 

Most people get used to new glasses within two to three days, although it might take up to two weeks. If your vision is still blurry and you’re dealing with headaches, you may need a different prescription or type of lens. If your prescription is wrong, your eyes and brain will not adjust to it, no matter what you try.  

Contact your optometrist to discuss adjusting your prescription. You may need to have your vision retested or your lens type adjusted.